descartes was right: “doubt is the origin of wisdom.”

Everything starts with asking the right questions. And it doesn't end with the answers.

Being creative is searching all the time. It’s only by doing so that you can get unique, creative, market changing solutions. is the belief that there’s always a better way.

Working with mortierbrigade mostly means a new beginning.
We give brands a fresh start. We ask the right questions and keep on asking  until we unveil the real (business) problem.

Together we define a unique positioning, the right solutions and messages, the right user experience and tone of voice, for the right target audience(s), via the right channels.

company culture

As the marcom department is client-centric by nature, we believe it is the pulsing heart of every organisation. We help brands to spread their values through the company.

popular culture

Moreover, brands play an important role in today’s culture.
We understand what moves people, what they care about,
how they communicate nowadays. We know how to use pop culture.

action speaks louder than words

More than ever, we can measure everything we do.
At the start of every project, we define together the KPIs to be measured and think about the metrics we need.

Doing good business starts with having the best possible cooperation.

creative digital craftmanship, ux&ui centered design, development of all digital tools.
social maintenance & creative excellence on social media.
multichannel digital content as a performing business-driver.
brand identity & design.

Times are a-changing. It needs courage & creativity to end up with daring solutions. By asking the right questions, we make a future-proof strategy that means a rupture with the past. This new approach lives through the entire culture of your company and spreads to your customers.
We measure everything we do and optimize continuously.
Working with us is good for your business and pleasure.